Nashville, Day 1: An Interview with Honest and Hard-rockin’ Country Star Katie Armiger

Wednesday, June 8th

Katie Armiger is an up and coming country music singer whose time is not far off. At just 19, she has been voted by fans of Country Weekly as country music’s #1 Hottest Bachelorette, and the song “Best Song Ever” from her most recent album “Confessions of a Nice Girl” was ranked #1 Country song in the nation by fans of Great American Country Television.

Katie performed twice at CMA Fest, and signed autographs for her fans.

She’ll be touring around the country this summer—though she has a tour bus, so it’ll be much more comfortable than my Camry—and visiting college campuses next year with the label Auburn Moon. To be, this future country superstar seemed like the perfect ambassador for Country music to college students, so she took some time out of busy CMA Fest schedule to sit down with me in the lobby of the Hilton in Downtown Nashville.

Excerpts from the interview will be included in a future article on USA Today College, but the full text is available here.

John: Tell me about your thoughts on College and higher education. Did you consider college as an option or were you signed before you had a chance? If so, describe the kind of experience/school you would desire (no need to name names.)?

Katie: I considered all of the options. It’s definitely something that I want to do, but that isn’t an option for me right now because I’m so busy. I did homeschooling my junior and senior year of high school, and it’s kind of what I’m planning for college. I’d like to do an online program if I can, but it’s definitely something I really want to do.

John: I hear homeschooling is becoming more popular these days as parents see the state of local school systems and run. Tell me a bit about your experience.

Katie: I would not recommend home schooling if you’re not very self motivated. You know when you have a really busy schedule, and when you’re finally free at 8 o clock at night, it’s really hard to do an entire day’s work then. Then if you have an off day and then it’s your one off day of the week, and it’s a very hard thing to do to take your day off and do schoolwork. If you have a parent who’s helping you, that would be different but I didn’t have that option either.

John: Have you thought about a major?

Katie: Mhmm. I really want to study psychology.

Katie in her performance at Wild Bill's after our interview.

John: What kind of advice do you have for young people who have not yet found success from someone who has? What is it like to be able to live out a dream?

Katie: The best advice I can give is that although you may not succeed in your dream, if you don’t give it a chance and don’t try it, it will never even be a possibility. I started singing at 9, and I signed at 14. So singing is something I’ve always wanted to do.

John: Are you on the road a lot? Do you ever get time to explore when you’re traveling? What has it been like to travel?

Katie: We try, we try to have time to see the sights and see what the city is famous for. We’ll look up the highest rated restaurants on our phones and do something like that. Luckily, you definitely slow down in the winter. The best way to travel is definitely on a tour bus.

John: What would you say to your college age fans?

Katie: I would say Thank you! I know a lot of my best friends are in college right now and I am really looking forward to seeing them this year. You always get to meet new people when your visiting schools.

John: How about people who haven’t given country music a chance? Why should they?

Katie's performance outside the convention hall attracted a large audience.

Katie: There are so many people that I know, they’ll sit there and say I don’t like a certain type of genre but they’ve never sat down and listened to Keith Urban or someone amazing like that and they just don’t do that. I think if they gave it a chance and listened to some of the things out right now they would really enjoy it.

John: Why do you think people come to CMA Fest?

Katie: Truly the love of music. They come here to see people they look up to that they listen to on the radio or see on TV. The whole point of CMA fest is to get the chance to see the artists and meet their fans and become friends with them. You never really get that chance other than this week.

John: Would you mind telling me about some of the experiences in your life that made you stronger?

Katie: I would just say doing what I’m doing. Every day I grow and every day I meet new people and you travel and you know there aren’t defining moments but everyday you learn and grow and evolve.

John: How would you describe country culture?

Katie: It’s been around for a lot of years and definitely been one of those things that has evolved and there are many different types of country music and that if you don’t necessarily like one certain type you have options, so there’s, no set culture.

After recommending The Phunky Griddle for dinner, Katie went off to prepare for her 7:00 PM show that night. You can find her website at, including tour dates, tickets, and some music samples.



One response to “Nashville, Day 1: An Interview with Honest and Hard-rockin’ Country Star Katie Armiger

  1. So, would be interesting to understand better — post festival — what the different genres, as Katie says, of country music are and what they are trying to do. And, what makes her music interesting — her voice, persinality, lyrics, some new somethingn she’s doing? what do the fans say?

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