A strange way to spend a day, a better way to spend the next ten

Today, I spent the entirety of the day trying to get my computer fixed. I broke it this morning while trying to fix the fan. When opening it with my pocketknife the, metal hit metal and the computer shut down. I tried to turn it on again and again, nothing worked. I figured I had fried it. After spending all day looking for a computer tech, I found a sony vaio specialist. They plugged it in and turned it on… My guess is that vaio has a failsafe built it so that just before some idiot fries his computer, it shuts off.

Anyhow, I leave now for a ten day solo backpacking trip that ideally will cover three of the world’s most diverse and exciting landscapes. One of the world’s hottest and driest deserts, some of the coldest and highest mountains, and the densest jungle known to man. In the Ocucaje Desert, the Andes mountains, and the Amazon Basin. Who knows if I’ll get through it all and back home in time for my Dad’s 69th, but that’s the plan.

I likely won’t be writing much in the next ten days, but thanks for reading! Over the past two months we’ve had over 1600 unique views, so thanks to everyone who has read, researched, or searched “how to get high on a road trip” and found RTOP!


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