The Ballot was rigged! Please vote again to help me get a second shot at the $10,000 scholarship!

Friends and readers,


The ballot you all may have voted on was rigged to support some candidates. It is my hope that these candidates are eventually disqualified, but that is not the case right now.

Please join me in voting again, which is now a DAILY vote, meaning that you can vote once per day, as I attempt to win the scholarship.


Will it work? Who knows. I’m in 5th now with a long way to go.


Please vote right here:


if you really want to help, send an email saying that you too feel like those who cheated should not be given a second chance to


Best wishes and thanks for voting,




3 responses to “The Ballot was rigged! Please vote again to help me get a second shot at the $10,000 scholarship!

  1. I agree with your comment, it was totally obvious that there was cheating going on (someone who had 9 RSS Subscribers had 900 votes within 12 hours? Uhh, not possible if done honestly). I’m glad they started over, but without email validation, captcha or anything else in place- if someone cheated last time, wouldn’t they try and do it again?

    Best of luck to you and am happy to know that you seem honest, I was so upset at how voting went last time, people were getting 100 votes an hour EVERY hour, it was insanity and obviously fraudulent.

  2. Hey Chelsea,

    Thanks! Yeh I figured I should keep at it since I made such a fuss before. This is weird to admit, but to be honest it is mostly my mom. She’s been on her friends and coworkers and all like crazy to vote and everything. Shes pretty awesome πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the well-wishes, I was hovering in second for like an hour today, so I’ll keep at it/my mom will keep at it πŸ˜› I’m lucky to have a big family on my dad’s side too. They are people people, so the three of our friend groups combined might just pull it off.


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