The Road trip of Passage starts and ends with you

Without you, I’m just a teenager sleeping in the back of my car. Without you, I’m just  a kid driving around, vulnerable and lonely.

With you, I’m just 4% away from being an award winning blogger. With you, I had the responsibility to interest, inspire, and excite you about the world I got to explore. You kept me sane when I was far. far away.

That’s a big difference. You make a big difference.

Whether or not anything I’ve written here inspired anyone to aspire to be a better self, or take a road trip, I don’t know. I hope so, but I hope just as much that you simply discovered writing you enjoyed. I had no idea this blog would become a finalist for a $10,000 blogging scholarship, or that you could help me into a tie for second place with three days left to vote.

It did though. You did, I mean. It was you that was inspired, you that read, and you that voted. To be honest, you pretty much did everything. All I did was write, and benefit from your comments and the knowledge that every day, 40 people took a look at my work.

So in the spirit of doing, one last time, I need you to do one last thing. On November 30th at 3 PM, the contest ends. I’m tied for second. Over the next three days, I’m trying to make a major push for this thing. And by me, I mean you. If you voted, if you asked your friends, posted on your facebook, emailed your mailing list, or flyered the heck out of the mall, we just might be able to win.

You’ve already invested the time to read all 40,o00 words of this blog. A few moments more and the investment could pay off bigtime.  could get money for school, and it will be officially confirmed that you, have good taste in blogs.

Thanks for everything, really. You made my road trip into a rite of passage.



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