You, the $10,000 readers, have me tied for first

I’ve got $10,000 readers, $10,000 friends, $10,000 colleagues, $10,000 family friends in 10 countries. You guys have worked $10,000 hours, in tiny little 3 second vote bursts, to put me in first.


I have no idea why, but that is amazing. I hope it is because I inspired you, or because you loved my writing. Really though, this is about marketing and popularity. It feels great to feel loved, and I’m sure some votes are based on quality, but let’s not pretend this is proof I’m a good writer or blogger as the case may be. Some of the best blogs and the brightest bloggers have one percent. And one of the best, David Shiffman, is tied for first with me. It will come down to the finish. I have no doubt he’ll pass me again before we are done, because he is doing something amazing for one of the world’s most misunderstood and fascinating animals. I’m glad though, to share the race with someone who never cheated.


This is good, in a way. It means that I can’t help myself. I can’t vote twice, or sometimes even once a day because of the 1 house 1 vote rule. Only you can help me. You can, you did, and you’re going to keep going until we win this thing tomorrow at Noon Pacific time. Because you are amazing.


Thanks to everyone who posted, tweeted, emailed, begged, pleaded, sold their souls to the devil, let the bank foreclose on their homes, forgot to pick up their kids from school, spent all day at work on facebook, all to get a couple extra votes for a kid who slept in the back of a Camry. Where is Toyota in all this by the way? Hmph. (I hope none of you actually did any of these things!)


Anyhow, I love you. Even if this does not work out, you did something amazing here for me and my family. So let me give back:


The $10,000 itself will go to my education, either at the University of Richmond or at NYU-Gallatin. Some of the money I save on education costs though, needs to get given back. So here’s my contribution plan:


NaNoWrimo, who helped me write my novel this past month that I’ll finish tomorrow. (

The Goh Endo Memorial fund, in Honor of my friend who passed one year ago yesterday.

The Senior Scholarship Fund, the fund my class and I started to give someone else a chance to have the amazing education we did.

Sharks. If I win, unfortunately sharks do not, and I don’t like that. I think sharks are amazing, so something is better than nothing.

Educational charity, maybe Summer Hill elementary in Richmond, VA where I was an assistant teacher last fall.

The Giving Garden, a Kickstarter farm project started by my amazing girlfriend. (

Populus, the political media transparency project I am working with.

3-D printer Kickstarter project to bring affordable 3-D printing to ALL, because 3-D printing is the future of everything.


I’ve never really had the money to donate anything other than my time to the things I really care about, but since essentially YOU handed me a scholarship (if I win) it makes no sense to use it all for me. This way, the kids at the Garden Road School and Summer Hill can learn, future students at the Masters School can get a chance to thrive, sharks can get a fraction of the help they need, and everybody else can get a little bit of transparency and affordable 3-D Printing!

I realize that last one is weird, but just trust me on that one. You’ll be able to make your Christmas presents on your dresser.

Lets make this happen. I’d say yes we can, but all I can do is ask you. Yes you can! On your smartphone, office computer, and home computer! With the help of a wonderful family, great friends, and a couple of university presidents and schools, you made it happen!



P.S. Also, I need this to be over. I haven’t gotten a good night’s sleep for three days. It’s like sleeping in the back of a Camry.



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